Thursday, May 22, 2008

Running Around (the joy of it!)

Does anyone else have those times where you realize it's nice to use your body, to push it and to feel that tightness in your chest just after? Perhaps my vagary here will be mistaken for a description of some other thing from what I intend, so let me be clear:

Tonight I was back out on the softball field (a two-nights-a-week habit for me this summer) and between playing outfield for the first time in a game this season, and legging out some hits I really chugged around the field tonight. A teammate was nice enough to suggest I ought to be called, "rabbit" in the future. Still, speed aside, what really made me take notice were the moments where I really felt the fact that I had just been sprinting. Tightness in my chest, muscles truly awake and alert, cool night air rushing in my nose... fine examples of feeling alive may very well be out there, but for today I'll say that one takes the cake.

A few hours later there is very reasonable soreness, and the certainty that I'll be sleeping well tonight.

Summer, I'm so glad you're coming back to us. Stick around for awhile, wadda ya say?


Manager Mom said...

I switch my running from the indoor track at the Stamford JCC (18 laps for 1 mile, I run 8-10 miles, therefore I look and feel like a giant hamster) to the great outdoors, and the new terrain and hills and the sunshine just up my workout. It's such a great feeling.

narthan said...

I was sure you were going to say that you were pregnant

Matt said...

We're playing on a summer league ultimate team -my first time playing in five years and Kristi's first time ever. It's astonishing to me how out of shape I feel after about five minutes of sprinting back and forth. Last night I almost puked -probably due to how hot and humid it was following 3 days of rain. Still, I love the feeling I have about 3 hours later when I'm tired and all my muscles ache. I don't think I ever feel more relaxed than I do at that point.