Friday, May 02, 2008

Lazy Weekend Video Break

Here comes the weekend! Know what you need? Some video to inspire, entertain, and stupefy. With that in mind, I've got two little things to get you started. From the joyous world of You Tube viral wonderment, I present you the following:

1. My buddy over at Stamford Talk posted this one as a comment, but I liked it so much I wanted it out here in the light of day as a main page post. In the video below Michelle Obama talks about one of the main reasons she thinks her husband offers something unique among the presidential contenders. I've seen some tiny snippets of this larger video played on news shows this week, but the whole thing is well worth the whopping 6 minutes it will take you to watch.

2. Purple State Blog is the first place I saw the following video mash-up of the primaries, Star Wars... and all sorts of other wonderment. Now, I've got to say that the amount of play You Tube is getting this election cycle is incredible, but when it results in videos as entertaining as the one below I say it's a blessing. The editing in this one is pretty remarkable.

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Oh, and if those two videos aren't enough, check out a funny picture to kick off your weekend: