Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Thoughts While Holding My Breath

It's Tuesday so there must be some people voting somewhere... Guam? Nope, already happened. But today there's a Carolina and an Indiana full of folks punching their votes in, and a nation of Democrats crossing their fingers about the results. While you wait (if you're a political spaz like me) why not read about some good/fascinating stuff?

Finally, Purple State had yet another amazing Daily Diversion yesterday, and while I hate to feel like I'm just co-opting their fun, it's below. Feel free to send them some hits by watching the video through their own post here, or just hop over to their main page for some interesting political writing.

Anyway, For anyone who spends too much time on Facebook (like me, he admitted, feeling like a dweeb) or for anyone who doesn't precisely because they're freaked out by the whole thing, this little British video wonder is pretty amazing:


Venice said...

Looks like a good night for The Bama, but not exactly a knock out punch. This looks like a war of attrition, which could help him win the nomination but probably isn't the best for the general. Alright, I'm going to sleep.

Stamford Talk said...

What a great video! Simple but so right on.