Wednesday, May 28, 2008

McCain Secures Oatmeal Nation (Wilford Brimley Throws Down the Gauntlet)

Wow, we've been light on posts here for the past week. I was home in Philadelphia for Memorial Day, saw some fam and friends... wonderful. Before that came a busy week of work. Still, the world keeps turning, and here on my birthday, the world has offered up a sign that time keeps moving on. No, it's not the length of Wilford Brimley's mustache... impressive as always. It's this:

While the Democrats refuse to end their silly bickering, John McCain has secured the most important endorsement in all of politics: the Quaker Oats Guy Himself, Wilford F-ing Brimley. I don't know where the mainstream media is on this one, but as usual Wonkette keeps us up to speed on the latest breaking news 10,000 times better than CNN with all their "magical maps" and Wolf Blitzing.

I'd guess any day now Obama and Clinton will hold a joint press conference to reveal that in light of Brimley's endorsement the Democrats are packing it in and heading to Howard Dean's secret underground bunker to plan ahead for 2012.

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Venice said...

Looks like the race is going to be close after all!