Saturday, June 07, 2008

Zakaria on Obama and the World

I've been busy studying for the bar and so this is my first post for a while. I saw this interview with Fareed Zakaria on CNN while checking baseball scores. It's vintage Zakaria: thoughtful, fair and internationally orientated. It helps, I admit, that I agree with him. Electing Obama to the Presidency would help the US's image abroad, but that this boost will fade fast if Obama follows through on the anti-market rhetoric that he's used on the campaign trail. In a nutshell:

"Most people around the world want the United States to keep this open-world economy going, and they care much more about that than whether the United States is multilateral in the United Nations Human Rights Convention.

The core issue for a Kenyan farmer, for a Brazilian businessman, for an Indian entrepreneur is, will the United States help keep markets open?"

It’s a very brief piece but well worth reading. Now back to the books!


Venice said...

um, yeah, so there was supposed to be a link and the quotation was supposed to be in italics. I obviously have no idea what's going on.

John said...

Fixed your italics, link good buddy. I agree, this tension is real and fascinating. I wonder if the Democrats or Obama specifically can manage the finesse of any jump out of "end free trade" into "let's be smarter about the changing world."

I get the sense sometimes that Obama tries to introduce this into how he talks about policy... but I also imagine with so much support from unions, etc. he can only go so far AND I would also guess we're unlikely to see him push hard against how far he can take that... but I'd love to be pleasantly surprised on that point.