Monday, July 28, 2008

Fun Fun Superfun

I had a great weekend. I went to a wedding in Long Island that was outstanding in a handful of ways:
  1. I am pretty sure I've never been to Long Island before... except maybe for a college info session for SCAD, I think, back when I was living in NYC and thinking of going back to school for graphic design (about 6 yrs ago).
  2. I have never danced so much at a wedding... I'm talking had to take my suit coat off in the first 15 minutes, legs tired the next day, sweating like a crazy person, legit reason to loosen the tie and undo the top button of the dress shirt style dancing. Damn. Craziness. Seriously, I don't usually dance.
  3. Great company
  4. Oh! and bonus, the vegetarian food was legitimately good! Mmm... veggie lasagna with a healthy portion of cheese baked in. Yum.
So wedding gushing aside, I came back and dove into my week happily working away, and this noon I spent a lunchtime moment floating over to my friend Liz's blog where she posts some info about her art, life, books, etc. Recently she's posted videos that represent a shift away from some of the installation/wall art she's been doing for the last year or more into a new direction. She's got four videos up now... and the latest, which shows raindrops on a window at night, is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I recommend checking them out. They're quiet and fun and, to me, very Zen.

So, if you're feeling blue 'cause it's Monday, fear not! It's getting beautiful again outside (after all the storminess of the last week), I've got some Zen stuff to calm you down, and life is good.


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