Thursday, July 31, 2008

ipody goodness

I have recently finished taking the bar exam, an experience that is nearly as much fun as spending an evening with Karl Rove and Richard Simmons while drinking expired milk. (Apologies to anyone who spent their Saturday night that way).

The one good thing about the last two months is that I was motivated to finally go out and get an iPod, so I could use music to tune out the sounds of the world. When I first got the iPod, I decided to revisit some of the music that I own but haven’t listened to in years and years. For me, this essentially means raiding the vast collection of electronic music that I acquired in college. For the last 5 years or so, I’ve gotten really into –i.e. obsessed with—that ill-defined and venerable genre of music known variously as “classical”, “serious” or “art” music. So I haven’t really been keeping up with the phat beats and crazy mixes.

Anyway, I have thought about making some notes about music and my reaction to it, since I am by nature narcissistic enough to subject my friends to my opinions about this sort of thing. Therefore, you should all look forward to my random, incoherent and very possibly drunken ramblings about CD’s no one cares about anymore! Hurray!

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