Thursday, July 31, 2008

Let's Do This! (John's ipody goodness)

I was so pleased to see Matt's post about ipody goodness that I had to post a little quick tidbit of my own. I've recently been fishing around on my own ipod a good bit. Since I got one about a year and a half ago I've been frantically cramming pieces of a huge CD collection into apples sleek little sexy player... slowly taking my 30GB of space and narrowing it to the point where I think I maybe still have 4 GB or so. Along the way I've also become aware of and filled some gaps (never owned any Bob Dylan so I bought a bunch starting with Blonde on Blonde and Blood on the Tracks).

Lately I've gotten back into the swing of tracking new acts, and I've got a couple I'm pretty pumped about right now. The are Santogold, a group/performer I think is blowing up in a general sense. The sound is catchy, the beats are good, and the whole package comes together well. Many people make a quick comparison to M.I.A., another musician whose work I love that has come up in the past few years. The shoe fits in that department, and the similarity in their sounds is fine by me, as I like both. I've also heard Santogold compared in sound to other luminaries of fem rock and pop including Sleater Kinney, another group I admire greatly. Worth your time, no doubt, even as the tracks get picked up as background music for Bud Light Lime ads! (ak!)

The second new group I'm pumped about right now is Dr. Dog. I just downloaded a bunch of their stuff in the last couple days, and I'm pretty hooked right now. They've got a clean hooky sound. They're from Philly (as supposedly Santogold is as well... REPRESENT!!!), and they've got a devotion to certain founding rock sounds (think Beach Boys and Beatles) but they've also got a newskool arts and craftsy creative edge. Their arts and craftsy workmanship has me lumping them in with groups like Spoon, Interpol, and others like them who take well used sounds and hustle them into something new and interesting.

Let's hear it for music talk! I WANT MORE!!!

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