Thursday, August 21, 2008

Timetables, huh? Interesting idea... sounds familiar.

Just a little piece today in the AP about how Condoleezza Rice and the Iraqis met and talked through an agreement that's nearly complete. This agreement would lay out something people are describing as "timetables" for US withdrawal from Iraq.

Funny, I seem to remember one of the presidential candidates advocating for such timetables... and perhaps even a whole party doing so (sorry this article is like 2 years old... wait... that's not even old enough to capture just how long the Dems have been pushing for timetables). I also seem to remember another party, oh, I dunno, attacking such ideas as defeatist politicking.

Anyway, just a little news piece. Just some back-peddling. Perhaps a dash of hypocrisy? That's all. Nothing big.

UPDATE: Fox News calls them "Time Horizons!"

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