Friday, September 26, 2008

In Case My Live Blogging Bored You

Just in case, you can check out some professional live blogging over at Comedy Central. Incidentally, when I voted in their poll on who won the debate, 93% of voters had chosen Obama, yet the McCain campaign purchased an advertisement on the live blogging page that proclaimed, "McCain Wins Debate!" AWESOME!

Also, if you were paying attention earlier today, apparently Wonkette discovered the McCain campaign actually started putting this ad up hours (10:30 AM today) before the debate even took place (more coverage here), back when nobody knew of Johnny Mac was even participating.

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Venice said...

That's interesting but I would guess that at least 93% of Comedy Central viewers are Obama backers. Let's face it: Obama could have recited his grocery list as a response to every question and voters under 30 would still have said he won.