Saturday, September 27, 2008

Watchmen: the Movie?

Until Matt mentioned it in the comments sections, I had no idea they were making a Watchmen movie. I checked it out very briefly and it could be good. They managed to avoid casting Keanu Reeves as Doctor Manhattan. Thank all that is holy for that.

This post is actually just my appeal to anyone who loves a good story to read the book before hand. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen demonstrated how Hollywood can take a complex, morally ambiguous story and turn it into an action film. Watchmen is truly a great story. It's a comic book, sure, and it does technically feature superheroes. But these superheroes are, well, grown men and woman without powers who dress up in funny costumes and beat people up. If it sounds like they must be pretty screwed up, it's because they are. The story works on many levels: as a fun adventure of some very strange people; as a commentary on American foreign policy during the 20th century; and as a demonstration of Kantian ethics versus utilitarianism. Oh yes, and it also has pirates. Lots and lots of pirates.


Shawn said...

All indications from the rabid followers of this book have been positive indications, so while you bring up an excellent point regarding the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, it appears that the same mistake will not be made twice.

On this sticky matter, it appears that a solution is on the way, as Fox may just want the rights to sell the old Batman tv show on DVD which WB currently owns....

Anonymous said...

How could you not know? The internet has been abuzz for over a year!