Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Obama's Clinton Bump

So before the Democratic convention and during there was lots of talk about the great pains Barack Obama and Joe Biden would need to take in order to woo former supporters of Hillary Clinton. Polls taken around the start of convention showed only 70% or so supporting the Democratic ticket and the pundits were all a buzz. Now, however, it seems that a new poll shows a statistically significant bump in that number, with around 81% of former Hillary supporters planning to vote Obama/Biden. That's a nice jump... and hopefully the start of more good things to come. No word on whether this poll was taken pre or post-Palin.

Does anybody think that will matter? I, for one, honestly don't think the Palin pick is a serious play for Hillary voters. Perhaps for far right voters yes, but the values are just two different, and honestly the two women themselves couldn't really be much more different than they are. Anyway, please feel free to weigh in!

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Corinne said...

i think you're right about hillary voters. they're smart enough to realize that just because palin is a woman, she doesn't necessarily have the same views as hillary... my parents, for example, were supporting clinton. they weren't thrilled with obama winning the nomination, but when palin was announced as the vp pick, they both sent in their contributions to the obama campaign!