Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Are women harder on women?

I saw Christine Todd Whitman on the TeeVee last night and she was talking about John McCain, Sarah Palin and the whole question everybody's been chewing over this week around qualifications, vetting processes, etc.

Ms. Whitman said, among other things, that those who think the women who supported Hillary will suddenly turn around and run after Sarah Palin just cuz she's a lady are basically nutjobs. Whitman suggested that, if anything, women tend to be harder on other women than men are, and if you wanted evidence to back up the idea, check out this editorial in the Baltimore Sun! I think scathing is the proper adjective to describe the article.

Interesting notion here, I think... wondering what folks might think of the idea.

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Stamford Talk said...

Nah, it's just that it's seen as sexist for men to say that kind of stuff. Women can get away with so much more. That's why it's so great being a woman.