Thursday, October 02, 2008

Is it over?

Word on the street is that McCain is pulling out of Michigan. Not running ads, canceling events. If this is true, it's hard for me (at least) to see how Mac pulls this off. Michigan seems like one of the only blue states that could have gone for McCain. Maybe NH or PA, but that's really it. This whole cycle has taught us all that prediction is a fool's game, but right now... I wouldn't want to bet on a Republican victory.

UPDATE: More info on this here, continues rumor of Michigan pull-out, also documents VA staff-up.

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John said...

I just saw this too! Fascinating. I wonder how Mittens the Rominator feels about all of this.

They should just pay Romney to go to Michigan and pretend he's his father, that it's 30 years ago and that he's an incredibly popular governor... perhaps that would work better than whatever strategy it is exactly that McCain has been using thus far.