Thursday, October 02, 2008

Sarah's Rough Start To the Day

I hopped on Yahoo News, the site I often use as a compilation of various news sources, this morning and was greeted by a trio of Sarah Palin related stories from the AP. These stories discussed how voters in general are doubting Palin's readiness for office, how Alaskans are increasingly unhappy with their governor since she splashed onto the national stage, and how voters in the deep South, including many moderate Republicans are wary of McCain's VP choice.

Meanwhile, the Republican party talking heads are working to lower expectations and the Democrats are working to keep expectations that Palin may do quite well high. All I keep hearing about on MSNBC this morning is how the bailout bill that passed the Senate has $millions of tax breaks to help make wooden arrows for children (what???).

All of this along with recent polls showing Obama up by 10+ points in swing states may explain why John McCain was so cold to him on the Senate floor yesterday.

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