Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The Joys of Blu-Ray

I'm pretty technologically backwards, having only recently acquired an iPod and owning about 3 DVDs. My good buddy Nate on the other hand, is an electronic media guru. He's got a new article up about the Blu-Ray, which thankfully has nothing to do with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays, which are- and I say this objectively- the worst people who have ever lived. Anyway, the article can be found on Nate's blog, Real Political Face Talk. Any fan of movies, games, music or just general good bloggery should check it out!


John said...

There is no possible way for me to overstate my love of Real Political Face Talk. I only wish there were new episodes of the brilliant cartoon short coming out to accompany the wonderful blogging. It's a joy to visit every time I go, and I always encounter some knowledge I didn't start out with.

I'll be sure to read up on Blu-Ray @ RPFT ASAP!!!

Nate said...

For a small fee of 30 grand you can have a new episode! :) I was telling Venice, you guys are soooo good at keeping this updated!