Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Just a Quick Announcement

Hey, just to letcha know, we'll be doing some live blogging of tonight's debate dontcha know, you betcha. It'll just be us giving some real Mavericky straight talk direct to Joe Sixpack, Hockey Mamas everywhere, and well... you, if you're up for it. Tune in here while you tune in elsewhere tonight (at or around 9pm Easternish). I for one will be trying to figure out how to blog, switch between the debate and the Phillies/Dodgers game, and um... continuing to smear my still-healing chin with goo to keep it healing.

Matts of the world (I think we had 3 last time) please join us! Corinne, your presence is always welcomed and enjoyed! Others, please check in, even if you don't interrupt your debate drinking party festivities to track all the clever little quips we toss up along the way.

Oh, and I've got a softball game at 6pm, so unless I cause more lacerations and end up back in the ER (seriously now, that would be redonkulous... but I'm knocking on wood anyway) I'll be in front of a laptop clicking away, with Kimmy and Zoey chiming in clever comments of their own along the way. Zoey says, "Arf!" to that. See y'all later, I hopes!

1 comment:

Nate said...

What you need for that chin is some faith healing! I'm psyched for the live blog, I am going to do my best to try and check it out!