Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Ugh, Oh, Good Lord!!!!!!!!!!!! Make it STOP!! PLEASE!!!!

This really deserves no introduction, no explanation, no... good freakin christ, just watch this and tell me you're not afraid. Why, John McCain, WHY!!??!?!?!?!?!

Ugh, I think I'm going to be sick.


Stamford Talk said...

Yup, sickening.
McCain had better lose this election, or I'm not sure how I'll go on with my life. (I sort of feel like Congress needs to step in and axe her as a candidate- can they protect us? Is that their job? Isn't there some clause somewhere that can save us from this blithering idiot?) I don't trust that the people who elected Bush won't elect McCain.

Ah well. I suppose that's American. We're nice, but we're not that bright.

I'm sort of excited for the debates tonight.

Corinne said...

hmmm... this isn't so surprising to me. scary, i agree, but i think a scarier clip was where she's asked what newspapers she reads. (a real hard-ball question.) her response somehow avoided naming a single newspaper, even when pressed. she ultimately says something like "any of them... all of them!"

i'm kind of terrified.

Venice said...
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Venice said...

As usual the liberal press underestimates Gov. Palin. In fact, she possesses an intricate understanding of American jurisprudence: after all, she lives across the street from a court.

Matt said...

A basketball court?

I really feel like Palin is a bad joke played on me for arguing with Venice about "experience" being so important in a candidate for President. I would like to think that any smart, hard-working, accomplished, and dedicated American should be considered qualified to be President. I mean, look at the people we've had in the past and them compare them to the various standards that different sides use to disqualify the candidates; it's an impossible standard to meet.

Then Palin comes along and just completely deflates the balloon that is the "experience" argument. She doesn't just deflate it -she steals it from a baby, pops it with a Bowie knife, feeds it to a moose, and then shoots it shotgun.

I doubt 95% of Americans could name 2 Supreme Court cases or that 99% of Americans could name 2 cases that occurred in the last 10 years.

I have to wonder though -why doesn't she just say "I'm not a legal scholar. I haven't followed the Supreme Court as closely as I could have. That's something I'm looking to rectify." I have to think that she was coached not to say things like that but why?