Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Inaugural Live-Blog

Good Morning everyone, and a Good... nope... GREAT morning it is!

9:10AM - CNN says that Washington DC's Metro Transit says 207,000 people have entered the metro system today by 7am to ride trains down to the mall and take in the festivities. Watching on TV it looks pretty crowded down there, which I'm sure makes folks happy as it is also pretty chilly so hopefully the crowd can huddle together and stay warm. Oh what a day.

9:26AM - MSNBC's ticker reads, "Security Checkpoints Overwhelmed as DC Streets Fill" while they run video of Metro stations with lines stretching blocks away of folks trying to get on a train to head down to the mall. Secret Service estimates put the crowd number between 1 and 2 million.

9:54AM - On MSNBC's Morning Joe, "One wants to get in the White House, one can't wait to get out!" says Joe Scarborough of Barack Obama and George W. Bush.

9:57AM - They just predicted there are more than 1 or 2 but more like numerous millions of people out in DC today. I am struck, and I don't know if other folks are watching along feeling this way, but I am struck by the beautiful canvas of America that you can see out on the national mall today. Not only is there racial diversity, inter-generational diversity, but there is also this profound feeling of elation that is palpable as you scan across the faces of America represented today out on the mall. The energy, the hope is real.

10:47AM - Obama and Bush just emerged from the White House and hopped into a limo to ride over to the stage for the swearing-in. Also, I just saw Mark Warner talking with John McCain as they both joined the dignitaries who are gathering on the stage for the swearing-in.

11:15AM - As the moment draws closer, it really is pretty overwhelming. It's fun to watch some of the dignitaries that are streaming in, former Presidents and Vice Presidents. Bill and Hillary look great. George H.W. Bush looks either like he's showing some signs of his age in his gate, or like he is very very bundled up for the cold (which may be the case, and if so is probably wise), Jimmy and Roslyn Carter both look quite vibrant. I predicted on Facebook that this morning's events would give me chills. Well... here they are, the chills that is.

11:28AM - CNN Just mentioned that at noon Easter time, regardless of whether sworn in or not the Constitution says Barack Obama will be our President. They said this in the context of mentioning that the ceremony appears to be running a few minutes behind schedule right now.

11:30AM - I can hear the crowd breaking into chats of, "Obama! Obama!"

11:34AM - Kimmy says by txt, "Michelle looks beautiful!" and I couldn't agree more. Sasha and Malia as well, what lovely girls they are... such a striking first lady. The folks on MSNBC are getting choked up, and I can't help but agree with them.

11:37AM - "This is all really happening!" - Keith Olbermann. Awwwww, he's so gushy this morning.

11:38AM - MSNBC just had a nice shot of Obama and some others in the tunnel approaching the stage, and Nancy Pelosi had a nice warm smile as she walked a few paces in front of the President-elect. They also mentioned how the flags you see in the crowd were distributed free of charge to whomever wanted them... very cool... Inredible to see the undulating flags throughout.

11:40AM - Supposedly we're now about 15 minutes behind schedule. Oh well... can't imagine anyone much would be bothered by having this moment extend a bit just so we can all savor it.

11:47AM - Dianne Feinstein is eloquent, inspired, and clear.

11:47AM - Warren was a controversial choice, but not a controversial voice this morning:
Help us to share, to serve, and to seek the common good of all. May all people of goodwill today join together to work for a more just, a more healthy, and more prosperous nation and a peaceful planet.
11:55AM - Aretha Franklin's voice is stirring, she looks great and damn she can still belt it out with unrivaled gravitas. Great choice. Very cool. Kim likes her hat too! The arrangement of 'Tis of Thee is pretty nice, I have to say. Elaborate and appropriately ceremonious but not entirely over the top.

11:58AM - Biden is sworn in. I think Justice Stevens may have accidentally finished by saying, "Thank you, Mr. President" but Stevens is getting up there in years, so you can look past the slip, right?

12:00PM January 20, 2008 - Barack Obama is our President. He will be sworn in momentarily, but by law he is now the leader of our great nation. Fun facts, CNN just broke into the music being played by Yo Yo Ma and others to mention the fact I just typed up. Also, before that they have this funny little, "FACT: " bar at the bottom of the screen that has been displayign interesting tidbits all morning... prior to it clicking over to noon the fact was simply their listing of what music was being played by whom. True, that was a fact... but weird that they listed it as such... it was really more a program note, like you're listening to ___. Ha ha ha. Fun with cable news. It didn't end with all this change that's coming in.

12:03PM - It seems cool to me that noon passed with folks playing simple gifts, a tune I've always loved and one that seems very appropriate and cool for this profound moment.

12:05PM - Some funny little slips from John Roberts in the administering of the oath... but it is done! WE'VE GOT A NEW PREZ!!!!!!

12:13PM - Oh noes! I'm on delay now watching Obama's speech because I got a work call and had to pause the proceedings. Thank God for DVR!!!!!11!1

12:19PM - (on delay) "Starting today we must pick ourselves up, dust ourselves off, and begin the work of remaking America."

... I also appreciated, "...we will restore Science's rightful place..."

12:21PM - (on delay: actual time was 12:16) I like the first daughter filming daddy's speech on her digital camera. Very cool!

12:23PM - (still on delay) "We are ready to lead once more."

... "our power grows from its' prudent use."

12:24PM - (still on delay) Obama's flag pin glistens in the sun like a ray of Change Hope Sunshine happiness.

12:41PM - Capt. Sully is at Inauguration!!!

1:04PM - YES! I hope this makes Daily Show! On CNN Wolf Blitzer was just talking about Barack Obama's penmanship.

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