Sunday, February 01, 2009

Liveblogging the latest interesting live event on the TV

The Boss is rockin' "Glory Days" on the Teevee and Kim and I kicked some household chores' butts all afternoon so I gots to thinking, what should I be doing right now?

Liveblogggin! That's what!

8:17 PM - "IT's BOSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS TIME!!!!!" Um... wow.
8:19 PM - Well the Max Weinberg halftime show was AWESOME, at least in my humble opinion.

9:50 PM - Ok... um... my liveblogging skills clearly do not extend to sporting events. Oh well.


Matt said...

What? No mention of the Boss sliding into the camera with his crotch? We were wondering how he didn't end the concert in falsetto!

Stamford Talk said...

I live-blogged the Super Bowl last year, mostly to amuse myself, because my viewing companions were sorta boring. They wouldn't have appreciated my insight on Manning's moves.
This year, I just shouted commentary to myself bc I was busy writing thank you notes at the same time. My husband was with me, but his understanding of football is miniscule compared to mine, which has been honed since like, age 9.
So, basically, every Super Bowl, I talk to myself; the format just changes.