Friday, September 05, 2008

Did anybody catch this?

Apparently the RNC showed some pretty graphic footage of 9/11 last night before McCain's speech. I had a softball double-header so I missed it, but apparently Keith Olbermann found the whole thing so off-color that he made the apology you see below. Now, while I like Olbermann a bunch, and I enjoy his show I will be the first to admit he makes quite a bit of his outrage on a regular basis, but was anybody out there watching? Did you see the video in question, and was it as nasty and extreme as they suggest? If so, I guess I really wouldn't be surprise. From the Boston Globe's coverage of it all, you would think they seriously crossed a line. Interesting. I found this all on AmericaBlog but haven't seen it picked up too many other places... at least not yet.

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