Friday, September 05, 2008

Fun and Games: HORSE

Thanks to Larry for pointing this out... what fun stuff. The video below shows the match up between factory worker David Kalb and LeBron James in a game (actually two games) of HORSE. Kalb won an online contest for the best trick shot, and as his prize got to take on James in a game of HORSE, going head-to-head with one of the most talented men int he NBA, Kalb showed remarkable creativity and athleticism, and generally it's just fun to watch the wacky shots he hit. James really couldn't keep up with the strange stylings of Mr. Kalb, and honestly who could? I'm not really a basketball fan, but this is worth a watch.

UPDATE: I took out the video itself because I couldn't switch off auto play, but you can still watch it on the LA Times website by visiting the link above.


Stamford Talk said...

Who sponsored the contest?

Don't you think LeBron was not trying his hardest? Come ON the dude just won an Olympic gold and he can't make a granny-style free throw shot?

John said...

I think it's Club Cadet or whatever the guy playing LeBron's shirt says. Not sure how to read the is-LeBron-trying question, but on the granny-shot my thinking is this:

NBA stars certainly train all day long to play ball, but never ever ever in a game would they ever take a shot using that technique. They may do some tricky stuff on the floor, but they don't take free throws from between their legs. Meanwhile, the warehouse guy clearly goes out in his backyard or wherever and practices tricky moves all the time... so I dunno, I agree, I'm a little dubious that LeBron was giving it his all. Still, it's a pretty fun video!!! I just wish I could figure out how to configure my blog to stop playing it automatically when people come to the front page. Maybe I'll pull down the vid and just drop in a link.