Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Pork & Beans + Chocolate Rain = Weezer!?!?!

I've been a fan of Weezer since their days of songs about sweaters overlapped with awkward high school times, and I recently learned that they are releasing their latest self titled album (the red album this time). This news brought a balance of excitement and concern, as I've enjoyed a fair number of tracks even through rough patches... and then there was Make Believe, which I'm sure sold zillions of copies of Beverly Hills via itunes, but overall was pretty weak.

Still, today I discovered that this still-favorite band of mine has teamed up with Tay Zonday, the internet sensation who brought you Chocolate Rain (if you don't know chocolate rain, check it out here, and some Chocolate Rain byproducts here with Darth Vader, here with John Mayer, here with some dude at a drive-through window and here with Dr. Pepper). Below is a clip of Weezer guitarist Brian Bell and Tay Zonday doing an acoustic version of the first single from the red album, "Pork & Beans." I think my favorite part is watching Brian try not to lose it laughing when Tay starts in doin his thing.

Warning... this is the second video posted on The Best Way in less than a week that may cause music to get stuck in your head... well, maybe not Pork and Beans quite so much as Chocolate Rain, damn that tune is catchy.


Matt said...

Yes! I hadn't seen the Chad Vader or drive-thru versions. I love when Vader starts just hand-jiving because really, he couldn't keep up with the song at all.

John said...

Yes! He reminds me of Brak from Space Ghost when he starts dancing like that. I like the lyric,

"Chocolate Rain, Chocolate Rain is Raining in my brain."

One of the last few before the hand-jiving. Also, thank you for the term, "hand-jiving." I'll be filing that one away.