Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Stephen Colbert + Awards With Mirrors Built-In = A Match Made in Heaven

Stephen Colbert spoke at Princeton's graduation ceremony this week, encouraging graduates not to change the world. He was also awarded the, "The Great Princeton Class of 2008 Understandable Vanity Award." (pictured at left). He went into further specifics in his speech, encouraging the graduates not to change global warming, saying, "The older generations cut down the forest and sprayed millions of tons of CO2 in the air for a reason -- because they felt a draft in here. ... When you're older, you'll understand that it is a lot easier to raise the ocean temperatures a few degrees than to remember to bring a cardigan."

As the grandson of a Princeton grad, I couldn't be more proud of this hallowed institution. Ah Colbert... what will your bump do for the Tigers?

Want to know more about what was said? Check it here at HuffPo.

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