Tuesday, June 03, 2008

54 contests + 362 decisive super delegates = ...

"Yes We Did" - Andrew Sullivan

"Historic" - HuffPo

"Destiny" - NY Post

"Barack Obama is President of America" - Wonkette

"Obama Clinches" - Philadelphia Inquirer

"Taking Back the Story" - Purple State Blog

"The End of Clintonism" - John Dickerson at Slate.com

"I Will Be Making No Decisions Tonight" - Hilary Clinton

... wait wait... WHAT?!?!?!?!?!!?

"Senator Clinton may not have made any decision tonight, but the Democratic Party has." - Tim Russert

Fair enough, thanks Tim!

"I look forward to seeing you on Last Comic Standing." Jon Stewart to Terry McAuliffe on tonight's Daily Show.

"It's Our Time" - Barack Obama

I'm not gonna lie, I think this is all pretty damn exciting. Forget about all the sleazy sad bizarre no-decision-making etc. This thing is Over. Happy Math Day at The Best Way, folks!

... and good night.

WAIT! Let's end Math Day the way we started, with some stuff related to the new Weezer album. Their actual video for Pork & Beans turns out to be, well, awesome. Check it out here:

Why not celebrate with a who's who list of YouTube phenomena? And actually... let's end on a touching and intensely cool note from Andrew Sullivan.


Stamford Talk said...

Really? Barack has it?!?! I was stuck in a loft in the meatpacking district with a bunch of high schoolers tonight so I am so out of the loop. Prom.

John said...

Yeah... looks like he's got it. Hillary didn't concede, but he's got the delegates and then some, so we'll see what happens next.